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Ray Art School Ceramic Studio offers ceramic classes to adults from beginner to advanced levels.
We are in an accessible location which is just 7 minutes walk away from JR Shibuya station in Tokyo.
Let’s have fun together with making ceramic work!!

Studio equipment

There are 4 electric wheels, hand building tables, a glazing spray, and an electric kiln.
We have 10 clay bodies, more than 20 glazes, various colored slip and underglaze colors for decoration and plaster for making mold etc.

- Basic tools, materials, and aprons that you need are all prepared in class room. No need to bring anything with you (but enthusiasm)!
- For wheel throwing, we recommend to wear pants(trousers) rather than skirt. Please make sure to cut your nails to a manageable length.

Class Schedule

Mon Tue Wed Thu Sat Sun
16:00〜18:30 -
19:00〜21:30 - - -

◎ → Engish available
◯ → Japanese only
No classes on  Fridays.

Trial Lessons

Trial lessons are available. You can make small plates, cup or bowl in hand building skill. No experience required. Feel free to make a reservation.

1day Lesson:Slab Plate(タタラ皿作り)

Small Plates:¥4,400/ 1day lesson

1day Lesson:Bowl(1回体験)

Small Plates:¥4,400/ 1day lesson

3days Lesson:Cup or Bowl(3回体験)

Cup or Bowl:¥7,700/ 3days lesson

Ceramic Lessons Application

Please apply by filling out the form from the link below.
We look forward to your participation.

Application Form

Beginning Pottery

This course will introduce beginners to basic hand building pottery methods including coil,pinch and slab techniques.Glazing and decorating methods also will be covered.Mug cup, Soup bowl, Fish Plate
Rice bowl, Flat bowl, Flower Vase
Tokkuri and Ochoko, Art Pieces etc.There are Throwing and Advanced Hand building courses for those who have completed this course.

Registration Fee

Monthly Lesson Fee
[4 lessons] ¥16,830
[3 lessons] ¥14,245
[2 lessons] ¥11,880

Clay Fee (Include Glaze and Firing Fee)
1kg ¥1,260~

Advanced Wheel Throwing

For those who have mastered basic skills of pottery, we've designed courses that takes you next. In this course we introduce the skills of working with clay on the potter's wheel and will provide you with the understanding of what it takes to use the potter's wheel. The instructors will demonstrate and assign class projects, such as bowls, covered jars, pitchers, or vases; advanced students will be encouraged to work independently. Students will be encouraged to mix glaze tests and incorporate the results into their pottery.

Monthly Lesson Fee
[4 lessons] ¥16,830
[3 lessons] ¥14,245
[2 lessons] ¥11,880

Clay Fee (Include Glaze and Firing Fee)
1kg ¥1,260~

Ray Art School

Address: 1-15-8 5F/6F Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo150-0041
7 minutes walk from Shibuya station
Tel: 03-5456-0400
Fax: 03-5456-0410
E-Mail: s-rayart@nifty.com